this & that

this&that-18 this&that-17 this&that 20131125-2013-11-25 07.27.17 20131125-2013-11-25 07.26.29 20131125-2013-11-25 07.25.58 20131124-2013-11-24 13.40.05 20131208-2013-12-08 14.55.19-1 20131128-2013-11-28 07.23.15 20131123-2013-11-23 08.31.46-1 20130719-IMG_3051 this&that14My favorit brand of oats these days served with roasted cashews and coconut. Mirror hallway. Art under the bridge. My round hotel apartment when guest teaching at denmarks design school Kolding. Early morning view of the lake and Koldinghus. Skagen and Frederikshavn from above. Knit from my etsy shop done and on it’s way to Oslo. Early bird flight home again. Carrot juice. Morning yoga. Lovely teas.

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