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this&that-09 this&that-02 this&that-01 this&that-03 this&that-04 this&that-05 this&that-07 this&that-06this&that-10pictures from the summer. made these tassel garlands for a birthday celebration and i kinda just left them up…it’s nice with some colour festiveness right! i also found these great tassel garlands at studiomucci at etsy, really loving these silver sand tassels. bear birthday celebration…home made cheesecake (double crust)…found this amazing recipe at cristal milk and will say it was a great success….decorated the cake with these cake topper flags i make…you can by them at my etsy shop very soon for now mostly knit. daffodils. home made pear/banana popsicles…free-styled this one. want to try out this popsicle recipe here…looks pretty fresh to me! sunny day and picnic with sausages, cold sweets potato salad, pea spread and home-made rugbrød…love my pastel star-wars container. tulips in lovely colours. ice cream from stikki nikki the flavours were: poppy seed pear, rhubarb and cookie and cream….not convinced about this place. been living in italy so guess its a bit ruined for me when it comes to gelato…i had avocado gelato in firenze and it’s still my favorite. elder flowers when blooming in my city..remember i made elderflower sirup here

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