summer | part two

summer-part-II-typosummer-part-II-01 summer-part-II-02 summer-part-II-03 summer-part-II-04 summer-part-II-05 summer-part-II-06 summer-part-II-07 summer-part-II-08 summer-part-II-09 summer-part-II-10 summer-part-II-11 summer-part-II-13this is so far my favourite place in sweden. torö stenstrand. this is also the place where the bear goes surfing late fall/winter (now)…dedicated surfer! here we spend some of the summer with family, camping by the beach, cooking out door, late night talks, relaxing and quietness all in one. it’s good for my soul to visit stenstrand. we camped outside and during the night i was sure i saw a moose. probably a dream but then the next day we saw a mama moose and her twin baby calves. on the picture you can only see a tiny bit of the second baby. my first time actually seeing a moose and then with calves. it was an amazing summer let me tell you.

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