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Homemade old fashion apple cake found a recipe here..a little more fancy version of the one I got. Pretty pastels. The snow came. A piece of the banana bread I made here. Had to make a test of the swedish semla compared to the danish fastelavnbolle. Not convinced…have tested the one from Fabrique and a homemade version. Think I’ll stick with the fastelavnbolle. My favorite breakfast at Pom & Flora. Fika break at Drop Coffee. Tip fight at Coffice: Laura vs The Bride….also selling the lovely coffee from Drop Coffee.


simply breakfast

breakfast-01 so trying something new for breakfast. all winter a lot of porridge is eaten and i do love those oats…so found this raw porridge recipe also called bircher müsli and thought it’s perfect for summertime and hot weather. got inspired to make raw porridge at the food club (this is a danish food blog) but i also found a recipe here at green kitchen stories i’ll have to try soon. again i did a little alterations to the food clubs recipe. used oatmilk instead of soymilk and added some chopped walnuts and chia seeds. topped it off with fresh strawberries. will tell you this new take on the porridge was a success in my house.

simply breakfast

simply-breakfastwhole wheat knäke (my favorite brand these days: leksands) with mozzarella cheese, avocado and thinly sliced radish. tall glass of freshly pressed carrot, apple and ginger juice an egg and home made sugar free pancakes…will share my recipe with you real soon. in the meantime check out these cottage cheese pancakes from 101 cookbooks…looks good right, and interesting with the cauliflower.