Flashback Friday | The Clark House Bed & Breakfast

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When escaping from NYC our get-a-way was this lovely bed & breakfast The Clark House in Palenville 2 hours drive from NYC. The little shop Circle W Market I wrote about here was next door…very convenient. Stayed here a couple of times and had such a fantastic stay. Michael and Christine are the hosts and they are the best. Michael made this amazing breakfast for us…cream cheese omelet I have copied many times after….sooooo gooood! Had a picnic in their huge garden I took a picture of here. Love this place!

flashback friday

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Another road-trip when living in LA. Our climber friends who I wrote about here came on another visit and we went with them to Red Rock outside Las Vegas to climb. It’s so crazy beautiful out here. On our way home we went through Las Vegas. It’s such a contrast to the nature out there. Always fun to see the craziness of Las Vegas. Very fascinating but I always have the feeling of staying in the car just looking passing through.

flashback friday | Circle W Market

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When living in NYC we did a lot of road trips and one of them to Palenville NY. So nice to get out of the city when it’s boiling hot and 40°  Found the cutest little shop Circle W Market with local goods and veggies, serving whole food. The cakes were baked by a lady who was a neighbour. Love that!



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When living in LA we had our friends who are crazy climbers visiting. Went with them to Yosemite and did some bouldering. My first time climbing and how fun it was. It is so beautiful in Yosemite. Forgot the tent so slept outside on the crash-pads almost next to the sign, bear warning….?! Yep that’s how we role.


san-francisco-typo 20101028-IMG_2926 20101028-IMG_2930 san-francisco-01

When we were living in LA we took a trip to San Francisco for my birthday…..what a looker this city is. Would love to come back and spend more time here. This was during my 2 years as vegan hence the vegan hotdog place. Those hotdogs from Underdog were so good we had to order another round. We took highway 1 from LA and it’s such a scenic route, takes way longer but can recommend it. Here are a few favorit spots of mine:


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flashback friday | road-trip to greenport

greenport-typo greenport-01 greenport-02 greenport-03 greentport-05when living in nyc family came to visit and we had some great road-trips. one of them went to greenport. greenport is this tiny town bustling in the summer time. it’s located on the north fork of long island. had lunch at this super cute fish restaurant away from the main street. it was located at a pier where they sat up tables…can’t remember the name but it was good and wow what a view. went for a swim on the tip of greenport by the orient point county park and we were the only ones there…loved that!

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summer | part one

summer-typosummer-01 summer-19 summer-17 summer-15 summer-14 summer-12 summer-11 summer-10 summer-07 summer-05 summer-06 summer-03 summer-04 summer-02this summer we had a staycation in the surroundings of stockholm when my mom and dad came to visit. we’ve been swimming like crazy. found this spot in lillsved where you could cliff jump….my dad and i took the stairs, the bear didn’t (of course).  on the way there we had a pit stop at siggesta gård and it was so lovely inside, would like to go there for christmas time when it’s cold outside and you can cozy up in front of the fireplace. consumed a few ost mackar (cheese sandwich) in the shadow of the apple trees at vintervikens trädgård, remember i wrote about their farmers market here. also visited king karl gustaf and queen silvia at their summer house. found this really cute cafe ankarudden brygge at torö where we had chocolate cake and fruit pie…so good. avocado and bread after a swim near lövhagen. will say we’ve seen our fair share of this part of sweden this year and it was oh so great. went kayaking from lövhagen on another trip…but thats for another time.

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öland summer

oland-01 oland-02 oland-04 oland-09 oland-12 oland-20 oland-21 oland-24 oland-25 oland-31 oland-32road-trip to öland with a fabrique kardamumma-bulle and decaf from mellqvist. what a beautiful island. slept in our tiny one person tent, it was very cozy. a bakery sale with the best bread ever…even found a good danish rugbrød. morning coffee with a sea view. stumbled upon an old clog factory where i wanted to buy a pair but had no cash…still talking about those clogs. found a secret garden. fish and new potatoes.

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a boat ride away

ferry-01 ferry-02 ferry-03 ferry-04 ferry-05 ferry-06 ferry-07 ferry-08 ferry-09a ferry trip from göteborg to frederikshavn and back again on a sunny day. and a pretty amazing view of älvsborg bridge. it was painted turquoise when göteborg hosted the world championships in athletics back in 1995. must say i like it, and takes me a little back to san francisco! 

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