Discovering our city | Foderbrættet

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Our new hood these days is Vesterbro, Copenhagen and after a long walk the other day we passed Foderbrættet on our way home. Popped in for at late lunch and it didn’t disappoint. Read Bitchslap’s review here and heard about this hot-dog heaven from so many already even though this establishment is only 6 weeks old. Love the booths and we got to sit there. Yay! So good service which is kinda rare for Copenhagen….or maybe I’ve been gone for to long. Tested the beef, tempura cod and the merguez (lamb). It’s a tough one but think my fave was the beef hot-dog…..and then again the tempura cod was delicious as well.

Discovering our city | Meatballs for the people

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Discovered this shop Meatballs for the people on the corner of Nytorgsgatan an Kocksgatan at Söder.  We got wild boar meatballs and mashed potatoes with the best sauce ever. For lunch they serve one dish and I really love this concept where they make this one dish extremely good instead of having a huge menu. You sit at this communal table in the middle of the shop and the service is tip top. At the table the will have these jars of different pickled goodies you can add to you plate and crisp bread all very delicious. Will tell you this…we were back the weekend after to eat here again….it was that good. When living in Williamsburg we also had a favorite meatball restaurants: The Meatball Shop.


Discovering our city | Pane Vino

pane-vino-01 pane-vino-02 pane-vino-03 pane-vino-04 pane-vino-05I really enjoy the breakfast at Pane Vino. It’s simply and just what you need. They make this great müsli with cardamom you get on top of your yogurt. Another good thing is they open at 9 am in the weekends (I am a early bird and hungry when I wake up) In the evening they serve some pretty amazing pizzas, my fave…this week is the porcino pizza (porcini, portobello & forest mushrooms)

things i do enjoy | radegast

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when living i williamsburg we went to radegast quit a lot of times. it’s this biergarten and they always have fun live bands. they serve bratwurst with sauerkraut and their selection of beers are insane. really really enjoy sitting by the communal tables. they have this roof they can open, pretty darn lovely when it’s 40° in the city during summer.

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burger tour of sthlm | the guide

hamburger-koket-01 hamburger-koket-02 hamburger-koket-04 hamburger-koket-03here we go exploring more of sthlm’s burger places. for now this is one of my favorites. so this is the #2 stop in the burger guide the svenska hamburgerköket. remember 1 stop at vigårda here. had grosshandlaren and it is for now one of the best burgers i have had here. straight up and simple, the meat is from swedish farmer who care and it’s minced at the restaurant, fries are served with cold béarnaise…so good! and prices are good. they also serve a serious milkshake with cherry on top and all.

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flashback fridays and when living in…nyc

this&that01 this&that02 this&that06 this&that05 this&that04 this&that03 this&that11 this&that10 this&that09 this&that08 this&that16 this&that14 this&that13 this&that12my favorite supermarket in the us has to be whole foods and i guess they have it all…duck eggs and ostrich eggs comin right up. outdoor movie night at bryant park…watched count of monte cristo with a daffy duck start. a trip to the amazing american museum of natural history. a picture of my favorite breakfast spot marlow & sons the biscuit with scrambled egg and cheese and their frittata are my faves and next door diner for lovely dinners. wanna go cross-country in this one. babycakes and their amazing vegan cupcakes. east village radio and their humble radio studio, have been listening to chances with wolves for years and years. yogi by heart. self portrait. 401 where the bear used to work and a brooklyn bridge foto from dumbo. somewhere on my way to red hook. washington square park and a little summer cooling. moved to buswick at one point, loved hanging out at roberta’s. a picture of me and my mom.

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discovering our city | steam

steam-01 steam-02 steam-03 steam-04 steam-05went to steam for lunch. cheap, clean food and real good is my words. we shared the 12 veggie dumplings with a big bowel of noodle soup and it was plenty of food for us. totally forgot how delicious chinese cabbage is (it was in the noodle soup) and for a while I’ve been wanting to make this kimchi recipe from my new roots.   how pretty is the display of the food. really love the simple concept and we almost live next door to the one on söder…pretty lucky i’ll say. the ginger beer was spicy and bubbly and i liked it!

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burger tour of sthlm | the guide

vigaarda04 vigaarda02 vigaarda01in my house we enjoy a good burger. so i decided to do a burger tour of sthlm. first stopin this guide: vigårda. we had the oxe burger with fries and aioli and the lamb burger with bönsallad and the curry/apple dressing. will say the oxe burger was really good, the lamb tasted a little woolen…if you know what i mean…no!? fries pretty decent and the bean salad boring. i like the concept with serving the food on trays, good prices and the fast service… is fast-food after all. really liked it but not totally convinced it’s stockholms best burger….when the tour is over i’ll rate the different burger places and get back to you with my favorite.


things i do enjoy | fette sau

fettesau01 fettesau02when living in williamsburg we had fette sau pretty much around the corner. really liked the relaxed atmosphere, the simple way of serving the food and local beers served in ball glass jars….gotta love that (you can buy them here). the baked beans are bananas. love sitting outside at the picnic tables. on the last picture to the left you can spot how they serve the beer in growlers. bbq heaven….long line though and don’t care for their potato salad. they serve steve’s authentic key lime pies for dessert…will soon write a red hook mini guide and that’s where steve is from. found a recipe on steve’s key lime pie here….haven’t tested it but let me know if you do.