elderflower-01 elderflower-02 eldeflower-04during this summer elderflowers were everywhere in my neighbourhood and decided to put them to good use and make myself some elderflower cordial. used this first recipe (sorry it’s in danish) but found this recipe on river cottage. i only used 500 g of sugar and that was plenty sweet for me. man it was good!

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nettles-01 nettles-02 nettles-03 nettles-04grow – gather  – cook – for me gathering food in the wild is one of my favourite things to do. remember when i went on berry hunt here . so nettle season is upon us and what else to do than go hunting and then straight to the kitchen. first up was a nettle pesto. found a recipe at edible portland  and the day after i did a nettle soup from martha stewart you can find here. the only thing i did was switch the potatoes for sweet potatoes when making the soup. so so good and satisfying with the whole gather and cook business. dreaming of having my own little vegetable garden.

Here is a little nettle tip or two from river cottage: