summer | part one

summer-typosummer-01 summer-19 summer-17 summer-15 summer-14 summer-12 summer-11 summer-10 summer-07 summer-05 summer-06 summer-03 summer-04 summer-02this summer we had a staycation in the surroundings of stockholm when my mom and dad came to visit. we’ve been swimming like crazy. found this spot in lillsved where you could cliff jump….my dad and i took the stairs, the bear didn’t (of course).  on the way there we had a pit stop at siggesta gård and it was so lovely inside, would like to go there for christmas time when it’s cold outside and you can cozy up in front of the fireplace. consumed a few ost mackar (cheese sandwich) in the shadow of the apple trees at vintervikens trädgård, remember i wrote about their farmers market here. also visited king karl gustaf and queen silvia at their summer house. found this really cute cafe ankarudden brygge at torö where we had chocolate cake and fruit pie…so good. avocado and bread after a swim near lövhagen. will say we’ve seen our fair share of this part of sweden this year and it was oh so great. went kayaking from lövhagen on another trip…but thats for another time.

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