burger tour of sthlm | the guide

vigaarda04 vigaarda02 vigaarda01in my house we enjoy a good burger. so i decided to do a burger tour of sthlm. first stopin this guide: vigårda. we had the oxe burger with fries and aioli and the lamb burger with bönsallad and the curry/apple dressing. will say the oxe burger was really good, the lamb tasted a little woolen…if you know what i mean…no!? fries pretty decent and the bean salad boring. i like the concept with serving the food on trays, good prices and the fast service…..it is fast-food after all. really liked it but not totally convinced it’s stockholms best burger….when the tour is over i’ll rate the different burger places and get back to you with my favorite.


flashback fridays

flashback-fridays-01 flashback-fridays-02 flashback-fridays-03 flashback-fridays-04 flashback-fridays-05 flashback-fridays-06 flashback-fridays-07 flashback-fridays-08 flashback-fridays-09 flashback-fridays-10 flashback-fridays-11belated flashback friday…problems with the computer but now up and running again. kødbyen – the meatpacking district of copenhagen. carlsberg “district”. spend 2 weeks in århus because of work. århus city hall designed by arne jacobsen and erik møller. went to aros and saw ron muecks “boy”. ron mueck worked on one of my favorite shows on tv when i was a kid: the storyteller…remember those stories…i thought they were super great but very scary at the same time. watched them recently again and still think they are really really good. and as well labyrinth with david bowie…a classic. saw the exhibition with tony matelli – a human echo and edward munch – angst/anxiety…interesting stuff. james turrells milkrun III…what magic. a handwritten what to do in århus note….pretty neat handwriting. the ocean.

this & that

this&that-01 this&that-02 this&that-03 this&that-04 this&that-05 this&that-06 this&that-07 this&that-08a this & that post mixed with a little flashback friday. tintin on the loose. had breakfast at café blå lotus. a real good cup of coffee at coffice and yep their coffee did do magic. love the concept at coffice where you can get a coffee, work and book a room for meetings. went to färgfabriken to see an ceramic exhibition by sara möller and i thought it was oh so good. you can read more about the exhibit here. what a beauty. sankt johannes kyrka.

mini guide | red hook, brooklyn

redhook03 redhook-02 redhook-05 redhook-04 redhook-01 redhook-06exploring red hook when we lived in williamsburg. it’s really a mix of everything…small cute houses, industrial feel, red hook housing projects, wine bars, fruit market, valentino pier where they show outdoor movies, you can see which movies at red hook flicks and you can catch a glimps of the statue of liberty while eating your lunch….i kinda fell in love. brought brown rice and tofu salad from mr. piña in williamsburg….this was our go-to grocery shop and they have great value fruits and greens and a super juice bar. you can catch the free ikea ferry shuttle from wall streets pier 11 to red hook. the top photo is of the entrance to steve’s authentic key lime pies and it looks like it has relocated since i’ve been there (just a little further down the street though)..remember i wrote about steve here. this is some of my favorite spots in red hook:

View Red Hook – Brooklyn in a larger map

the other day i watched the movie red hook summer. it’s spike lee’s 6. movie in the chronicles of brooklyn. the movie is set in the housing projects in red hook, and for me the tour through red hook and the story about the projects was more interesting than the movie. the NYCHA Red Hook Houses, is the largest public housing development in brooklyn, which accommodates roughly 5,000 residents. my last picture is from there. and the movie had the feeling of when i was standing there taking that picture. but check out the movie and judge for yourself.


discovering our city | kallpressen

kallpressen-01 kallpressen-02 kallpressen-03 kallpressen-05 kallpressen-07 kallpressen-06met up with our friends today (which by the way is on a juice diet…pretty cool right!) so obviously we looked for a good juice bar here in stockholm and i came by kallpressen at the green kitchen stories blog. discovered that it was a fellow copenhagener martin who is the owner of this juice bar. really nice guy and really great juice. this juice bar takes me back to when we were living in LA and you could have green juices everywhere (used to live next-door to moon juice) we had the chlorophyll juice and the carrot juice with tumeric and apple and it was deliciously. it’s perfectly located just close to mosebacke torg where you can hang and enjoy your juice….great combo i’ll say. kallpressen is definitely worth a visit.

flashback fridays

marc-quinn-02marc-quinn-03 marc-quinn-05 marc-quinn-06snapped these pictures last year when i went with my mom to the museum of modern art aalborg and we saw this beautiful exhibition with marc quinn (yep the guy who made a self-portrait out of his own blood)..a side note to this one. when going to louisiana to see the exhibit self-portraits back in january, marc quinns “self” was missing and i joked about it had melted….that was exactly what had happened i would later discover…or nearly. the cooling united had failed, but the curators acted fast and secured the piece..phew..living on the edge i would say…can you imaging calling marc…ahem..by the way your “self” just melted…no pond intended. anyways it was a great exhibit and im in love with the flower paintings especially the black and white with paint splatter. the matter into light was very powerful with real flames, i was so impressed with the real flames inside the museum. they showed a lot of his sculptures like zombie boy and alison lapper which are quite facinating with all their details. ending this flashback friday with this view from the hill behind my mom and dads house overlooking limfjorden. been standing here many times as a kid looking out onto the world.

dining outside

dining-out-01 dining-out-02 dining-out-03 dining-out-04 dining-out-05 dining-out-06decided last minute to eat dinner at the park. so easy to pack up whatever you have and go outside. the weather: a little summer rain here and there but that just made it more hyggeligt (cozy) as we say in denmark. the food: brown rice salad with avocado, green lentils, fresh dill and spanish salami…(want to make this quinoa salad from cannelle et vanille one of these days), egg tortilla with sweet potato and onions, knäckebröd, olives. dessert: a berry crumble pie. and check out our view…water and greenness. and then a few pictures on the way back and of lovely doorways. dining outside is the best!

simply breakfast

simply-breakfastwhole wheat knäke (my favorite brand these days: leksands) with mozzarella cheese, avocado and thinly sliced radish. tall glass of freshly pressed carrot, apple and ginger juice an egg and home made sugar free pancakes…will share my recipe with you real soon. in the meantime check out these cottage cheese pancakes from 101 cookbooks…looks good right, and interesting with the cauliflower.

things i do enjoy | fette sau

fettesau01 fettesau02when living in williamsburg we had fette sau pretty much around the corner. really liked the relaxed atmosphere, the simple way of serving the food and local beers served in ball glass jars….gotta love that (you can buy them here). the baked beans are bananas. love sitting outside at the picnic tables. on the last picture to the left you can spot how they serve the beer in growlers. bbq heaven….long line though and don’t care for their potato salad. they serve steve’s authentic key lime pies for dessert…will soon write a red hook mini guide and that’s where steve is from. found a recipe on steve’s key lime pie here….haven’t tested it but let me know if you do.