flashback fridays | moving

before leaving copenhagen this happened: lots of chandeliers at this place. love of neon signs. we had a great goodbye dinner with some great ladies from duckling at mother. on our way north to our new home in our thermos, moving from sunny into snowy.  sparkling art pieces at kongens nytorv. view of larsbjørnstræde and halifax, they serve a pretty decent burger. work: food styling for bitchslap magazine. trinkets and crooked old buildings.

this & that

old school orange volvo parked in our hood. the cinema bio rio opened back in 1943 pure funkis style. sol grillen placed on top of the venue strand. pretty old school tobacco store at reimersholm, they serve a straight up coffee you can drink outside at one of the tables. really cute stereotypical swedish house at långholmen. our local bakery bakes so good pain au chocolat. shop in the city selling snus. tunnelgatan…olof palme was murdered here at the tunnel mouth at sveavägen. did you check out the documentary palm about olof palme…really interesting:

simply breakfast

got inspired to make this egg omelet sandwich the other morning from this picture here didn’t follow the recipe just made an omelet with cheddar, mushrooms and avocado, toasted some bread with olive oil and brewed a strong caffè d’orzo. this is my favorite orzo brand…drank a whole lot of orzo when living in Firenze.

happy easter | glad påsk

an egg for breakfast. candy easter egg at work. easter napkins of-course…thanks mom. easter colored mailboxes in this new country of mine. we’re running on easter colored juice in this house (broccoli, celery, green apples cucumber & ginger). easter feather branches…wonder where they grow. stumbled upon these two places on our walk….looks really good. you can check out köttbaren here and pizza hatt here. we didn’t eat there but will get back with reviews when we do.

this & that

the laundromat around the corner where we used to live..pretty authentic don’t you think. a lovely fish swimming around in good olive oil, some rustic bread and a sparkling soda..went to eat at fortunen. more biking in more snow…the snowflakes were huge and very pretty. at the farmers market. these guys with their furry hats came strotting down the street playing a little tune. a green breakfast. breakfast in bed. lived on this island in the middle of the picture, now its very wintery and the water is frozen but what a lovely time we had living in the swedish skærgård. flowers, new job and breakfast for me.