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hornstull-loppis-01 hornstull-loppis-03 hornstull-loppis-04 hornstull-loppis-02 hornstull-loppis-05 hornstull-loppis-06 hornstull-loppis-07 hornstull-loppis-08went to the loppis/food-truck thing at hornstull today. the weather was great the ambience fantastic. met tabatha & mr.sheng at their food stand cooking up some serious southern food and crazy good fudge with liquorice+sea-salt, bacon+burbon or chipotle+lime….pretty sassy. the map at their stand is a trip they gonna do, cooking up a storm a long the way and creating this video-cookbook. sounds like a lot of fun to me and i can’t wait to check it out. you can read more about them here. had the jambalaya with sausage and the best cornbread ever. really good food! the ducks were our lunch companions. cute little french food-truck with a french speaking guy inside..pretty authentic


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