happily ever after starts here…

wedding-01 wedding-02 wedding-03 wedding-04 wedding-05 wedding-16 wedding-17 wedding-06 wedding-07 wedding-08 wedding-10 wedding-11 wedding-12 wedding-13 wedding-14 wedding-15went to our friends wedding at this magical place called tyrolen. the day was sun filled, happy and oh so lovely.  what a beautiful way to tie the knot. tyrolen is an old folkpark build in the 60’s (clear evidence of that) but already in the 70’s the place had to close it’s doors. fast forward to 2006 where a couple of guys and a girl bought the place renovated it in the spirit of back in the days and opened this place up again for people to enjoy. want to come back next year for muskelrock or the tyrolens rythm’n’blues fest. the guy on the bike is one of the owners. a time warp in the best of ways!

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