flashback fridays

flashback-fridays-01 flashback-fridays-02 flashback-fridays-03 flashback-fridays-04 flashback-fridays-05 flashback-fridays-06 flashback-fridays-07 flashback-fridays-08 flashback-fridays-09 flashback-fridays-10 flashback-fridays-11belated flashback friday…problems with the computer but now up and running again. kødbyen – the meatpacking district of copenhagen. carlsberg “district”. spend 2 weeks in århus because of work. århus city hall designed by arne jacobsen and erik møller. went to aros and saw ron muecks “boy”. ron mueck worked on one of my favorite shows on tv when i was a kid: the storyteller…remember those stories…i thought they were super great but very scary at the same time. watched them recently again and still think they are really really good. and as well labyrinth with david bowie…a classic. saw the exhibition with tony matelli – a human echo and edward munch – angst/anxiety…interesting stuff. james turrells milkrun III…what magic. a handwritten what to do in århus note….pretty neat handwriting. the ocean.

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