flashback fridays

marc-quinn-02marc-quinn-03 marc-quinn-05 marc-quinn-06snapped these pictures last year when i went with my mom to the museum of modern art aalborg and we saw this beautiful exhibition with marc quinn (yep the guy who made a self-portrait out of his own blood)..a side note to this one. when going to louisiana to see the exhibit self-portraits back in january, marc quinns “self” was missing and i joked about it had melted….that was exactly what had happened i would later discover…or nearly. the cooling united had failed, but the curators acted fast and secured the piece..phew..living on the edge i would say…can you imaging calling marc…ahem..by the way your “self” just melted…no pond intended. anyways it was a great exhibit and im in love with the flower paintings especially the black and white with paint splatter. the matter into light was very powerful with real flames, i was so impressed with the real flames inside the museum. they showed a lot of his sculptures like zombie boy and alison lapper which are quite facinating with all their details. ending this flashback friday with this view from the hill behind my mom and dads house overlooking limfjorden. been standing here many times as a kid looking out onto the world.

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