discovering our city | gröna lund

grönalund-10 grönalund-01 grönalund-02 grönalund-03 grönalund-04 grönalund-05 grönalund-07 grönalund-08 grönalund-09what a summer. feels like fall has arrived with it’s cooler air and i’m ready throwing on layers and layers. a lot of summer-trips have happened and way to little time to blog about it, but here comes some pictures from when we went to gröna lund, swedens oldest amusement parks from around 1883. took the boat from söder out there which is quit lovely. tried the eclipse which is the one on picture 4 but wasn’t my cup of tea (tried the one in copenhagens tivoli and didn’t enjoy that one either) well well tried and tried and i’m just more of a roller coaster gal.

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