this & that

took this picture of my new city from above back in september. an austrian food serving restaurant at hornstull…will have to check it out….and get back to you with review. beautiful rug. been reading these lately…you can find the great gatsby here the c.s. lewis book here, enough by john naish here and le petit prince french edition here . lunch: omelet with jerusalem artichokes fresh basil avocado and home made rye bread…this frittata sounds good as well. juxtapose. next door!  

simply breakfast

having øllebrød for breakfast. directly translated it means beerbread. it’s a porridge made from ryebread  soaked in beer and then boiled with water until it has the texture as porridge. recipe is to be found here. you can eat it for dessert as well topped with whipped cream, but this is my breakfast so opted for home made blueberry jam and chopped walnuts.

flashback fridays

before moving from copenhagen my parents came to visit and we went to eat at manfreds…i stick to the veggie daily special and that day we also shared a chocolate mousse….scrumptious! a visit to the farmers market…they have good stuff but expensive. beetroot, apple ginger juice. danish smørrebrød at halvvejen…one of my favorite lunch places in cph. went in the opposite direction with the visit to simple raw...really liked their cashew yogurt. wascator used to be our neighborhood hang out…cheap straight up coffee and really good food. packing away our records..these two gentlemen are oldies but goodies. snack-time at a friends workshop.

raspberry ginger popsicles

got inspired here to make these raspberry pops. altered the recipe a little. used frozen raspberries instead of fresh because that’s what we had. replaced sugar with agave (around 2 tbsp) and added finely chopped vanilla pod. pretty refreshing! got the popsicle molds when living in nyc and have just now started to use them…..i’m sure more pop concoctions will come soon. you can get the molds here. they are made out of bpa-free plastic and they are super easy to use!

simply breakfast

got inspired to make this egg omelet sandwich the other morning from this picture here didn’t follow the recipe just made an omelet with cheddar, mushrooms and avocado, toasted some bread with olive oil and brewed a strong caffè d’orzo. this is my favorite orzo brand…drank a whole lot of orzo when living in Firenze.

happy easter | glad påsk

an egg for breakfast. candy easter egg at work. easter napkins of-course…thanks mom. easter colored mailboxes in this new country of mine. we’re running on easter colored juice in this house (broccoli, celery, green apples cucumber & ginger). easter feather branches…wonder where they grow. stumbled upon these two places on our walk….looks really good. you can check out köttbaren here and pizza hatt here. we didn’t eat there but will get back with reviews when we do.

this & that

the laundromat around the corner where we used to live..pretty authentic don’t you think. a lovely fish swimming around in good olive oil, some rustic bread and a sparkling soda..went to eat at fortunen. more biking in more snow…the snowflakes were huge and very pretty. at the farmers market. these guys with their furry hats came strotting down the street playing a little tune. a green breakfast. breakfast in bed. lived on this island in the middle of the picture, now its very wintery and the water is frozen but what a lovely time we had living in the swedish skærgård. flowers, new job and breakfast for me.