dining outside

dining-out-01 dining-out-02 dining-out-03 dining-out-04 dining-out-05 dining-out-06decided last minute to eat dinner at the park. so easy to pack up whatever you have and go outside. the weather: a little summer rain here and there but that just made it more hyggeligt (cozy) as we say in denmark. the food: brown rice salad with avocado, green lentils, fresh dill and spanish salami…(want to make this quinoa salad from cannelle et vanille one of these days), egg tortilla with sweet potato and onions, knäckebröd, olives. dessert: a berry crumble pie. and check out our view…water and greenness. and then a few pictures on the way back and of lovely doorways. dining outside is the best!

simply breakfast

simply-breakfastwhole wheat knäke (my favorite brand these days: leksands) with mozzarella cheese, avocado and thinly sliced radish. tall glass of freshly pressed carrot, apple and ginger juice an egg and home made sugar free pancakes…will share my recipe with you real soon. in the meantime check out these cottage cheese pancakes from 101 cookbooks…looks good right, and interesting with the cauliflower.

things i do enjoy | fette sau

fettesau01 fettesau02when living in williamsburg we had fette sau pretty much around the corner. really liked the relaxed atmosphere, the simple way of serving the food and local beers served in ball glass jars….gotta love that (you can buy them here). the baked beans are bananas. love sitting outside at the picnic tables. on the last picture to the left you can spot how they serve the beer in growlers. bbq heaven….long line though and don’t care for their potato salad. they serve steve’s authentic key lime pies for dessert…will soon write a red hook mini guide and that’s where steve is from. found a recipe on steve’s key lime pie here….haven’t tested it but let me know if you do.

mini guide | midsommarkransen

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a mini tour of my hood. möbelmakeri is such a great little interior design shop and felt like i discovered a little secret because it’s tucked away at ringdansvägen. they have everything from beautiful posters by danish silke bonde, diamond lights by eric therner to colourful washi-tape. super super nice shop and the shop also has a webshop..check it out here. the café ett skafferi at “skvallertorget” really wins you over with the large out door seating area and will say pretty friendly prices. next stop is the vintage store lyckliga gatan selling both funitures, clothes and everything in between. such great service and so many lovely things i wanted to buy. check out those glass fishing floats, those would look so good in the ombre macramés i’m making…will let you know when they are for sale in my etsy store. and what about that south american map. good stuff! almost next door you’ll find another vintage store vintage fabriken and it’s is oh so lovely. here you’ll find a great deal of 50’s style. check out that blue flower coffee cup on the second last picture i’m pretty sure a cup of coffee from that cup will tast amazing. and the row of dresses…so cute. here is a picture of the three lovely ladies owning this vintage heaven and links to their blogs. i’ve attached my google map of midsommarkransen where you can find a few other places. go on and check out midsommarkransen and let me know if you find something great i don’t know about!

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flashback fridays

this&that01 this&that02
went to statens museum for kunst and saw this piece by tomás saraceno cloud cities. some of the spheres are large enough to be entered by visitors…think that’s pretty amazing. the best coffee from kaffe og vinyl with great company. seeing the world through a kaleidoscope. our first and only snowman build this winter. the plan was to go to the zoo on christmas day with my parents but we all ended up going on a hike and some crazy tobogganing in mølle parken and brought home made glögg and vanilla christmas cookies… found a recipe for glögg at food52. more good days spend in skagen. outdoor lunch. for the love of succulents. det grå fyr (the grey lighthouse) in skagen is denmarks second highest lighthouse and very pretty i must say.

discovering our city | gildas

gildas-typo gildas01 gildas03 gildas04

they do love their fika [fee-ka] here in sweden. translated it’s coffee and cake break and who dosen’t love that combination! the other day we went to gildas to enjoy fika. had the carrot cake and blueberry crumble and it was good. really like the idea of serving the whipped creme and custard in old vintage coffee cups. found some old art deco coffee cups at etsy here and what about these pastel cups here you could use for the purpose.

avocado lime popsicle

been thinking about avocado popsicles lately and got inspired from the recipe over at a cup of joe. did swop water for coconut milk, changed sugar for agave (from wholesome sweeteners) and added 2 tbsp of lime juice and zest from a 1/2 lime. right now i’m dreaming of cheesecake but that’s a whole other story. had a lovely lavender blueberry cheesecake at the broken arm in paris (psst they have the best coffee in town)…sounds insane, and it was.