late summer in ericeira

ericeira-typo ericeira-01 ericeira-04 ericeira-05 ericeira-06 ericeira-07 ericeira-08 ericeira-09 ericeira-10 ericeira-11 ericeira-12 ericeira-13 ericeira-14 ericeira-16 ericeira-17 ericeira-18 ericeira-19 ericeira-20spent late summer in ericeira portugal with friends and we had an amazing time. good food, sangria nights, great waves and lots of relaxing and catching up. we lived in ericeira a couple a years ago and it was great to be back. it’s so close to lissabon so spend a day here going to the flea market, eating more good food and delicious portuguese cakes. it’s such a beautiful city. top picture is from peniché.

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discovering our city | rosendals trädgård

rosendal-garden-01 rosedahl-garden-07 rosedahl-garden-02 rosedahl-garden-08 rosedahl-garden-03 rosedahl-garden-04 rosedahl-garden-05 rosedahl-garden-06rosendals trädgård is this open garden where they grow bio veggies and fruit. during summer they have a farmers market (we bought cavolo nero…haven’t been able to find it anywhere). when we were there they made pizzas in their wood oven and they looked fantastic. they have made a cafe and a bakery inside the greenhouses, but we brought own fika and enjoyed that under the apple trees. i want to go there when it’s christmas time (which is soon?!) and drink a glass of glögg and eat swedish pepparkakor.

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vintervikens trädgård

vinterviken-06 vinterviken-01 vinterviken-02 vinterviken-05 vinterviken-03 vinterviken-04vintervikens trädgård is a really cute trädgård where they serve food from their gardens and you can sit under the apple trees and enjoy a cup of coffee and cake. on sundays they have farmers market where you can buy eco, local grown veggies and fruit, bread, honey, juice and jam. really love this place. a must for me is their christmas market 7-8 december.

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burger tour of sthlm | the guide

hamburger-koket-01 hamburger-koket-02 hamburger-koket-04 hamburger-koket-03here we go exploring more of sthlm’s burger places. for now this is one of my favorites. so this is the #2 stop in the burger guide the svenska hamburgerköket. remember 1 stop at vigårda here. had grosshandlaren and it is for now one of the best burgers i have had here. straight up and simple, the meat is from swedish farmer who care and it’s minced at the restaurant, fries are served with cold béarnaise…so good! and prices are good. they also serve a serious milkshake with cherry on top and all.

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this & that

this&that-09 this&that-02 this&that-01 this&that-03 this&that-04 this&that-05 this&that-07 this&that-06this&that-10pictures from the summer. made these tassel garlands for a birthday celebration and i kinda just left them up…it’s nice with some colour festiveness right! i also found these great tassel garlands at studiomucci at etsy, really loving these silver sand tassels. bear birthday celebration…home made cheesecake (double crust)…found this amazing recipe at cristal milk and will say it was a great success….decorated the cake with these cake topper flags i make…you can by them at my etsy shop very soon for now mostly knit. daffodils. home made pear/banana popsicles…free-styled this one. want to try out this popsicle recipe here…looks pretty fresh to me! sunny day and picnic with sausages, cold sweets potato salad, pea spread and home-made rugbrød…love my pastel star-wars container. tulips in lovely colours. ice cream from stikki nikki the flavours were: poppy seed pear, rhubarb and cookie and cream….not convinced about this place. been living in italy so guess its a bit ruined for me when it comes to gelato…i had avocado gelato in firenze and it’s still my favorite. elder flowers when blooming in my city..remember i made elderflower sirup here

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flashback fridays and when living in…nyc

this&that01 this&that02 this&that06 this&that05 this&that04 this&that03 this&that11 this&that10 this&that09 this&that08 this&that16 this&that14 this&that13 this&that12my favorite supermarket in the us has to be whole foods and i guess they have it all…duck eggs and ostrich eggs comin right up. outdoor movie night at bryant park…watched count of monte cristo with a daffy duck start. a trip to the amazing american museum of natural history. a picture of my favorite breakfast spot marlow & sons the biscuit with scrambled egg and cheese and their frittata are my faves and next door diner for lovely dinners. wanna go cross-country in this one. babycakes and their amazing vegan cupcakes. east village radio and their humble radio studio, have been listening to chances with wolves for years and years. yogi by heart. self portrait. 401 where the bear used to work and a brooklyn bridge foto from dumbo. somewhere on my way to red hook. washington square park and a little summer cooling. moved to buswick at one point, loved hanging out at roberta’s. a picture of me and my mom.

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