elderflower-01 elderflower-02 eldeflower-04during this summer elderflowers were everywhere in my neighbourhood and decided to put them to good use and make myself some elderflower cordial. used this first recipe (sorry it’s in danish) but found this recipe on river cottage. i only used 500 g of sugar and that was plenty sweet for me. man it was good!

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discovering our city | gröna lund

grönalund-10 grönalund-01 grönalund-02 grönalund-03 grönalund-04 grönalund-05 grönalund-07 grönalund-08 grönalund-09what a summer. feels like fall has arrived with it’s cooler air and i’m ready throwing on layers and layers. a lot of summer-trips have happened and way to little time to blog about it, but here comes some pictures from when we went to gröna lund, swedens oldest amusement parks from around 1883. took the boat from söder out there which is quit lovely. tried the eclipse which is the one on picture 4 but wasn’t my cup of tea (tried the one in copenhagens tivoli and didn’t enjoy that one either) well well tried and tried and i’m just more of a roller coaster gal.

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a boat ride away

ferry-01 ferry-02 ferry-03 ferry-04 ferry-05 ferry-06 ferry-07 ferry-08 ferry-09a ferry trip from göteborg to frederikshavn and back again on a sunny day. and a pretty amazing view of älvsborg bridge. it was painted turquoise when göteborg hosted the world championships in athletics back in 1995. must say i like it, and takes me a little back to san francisco! 

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discovering our city | steam

steam-01 steam-02 steam-03 steam-04 steam-05went to steam for lunch. cheap, clean food and real good is my words. we shared the 12 veggie dumplings with a big bowel of noodle soup and it was plenty of food for us. totally forgot how delicious chinese cabbage is (it was in the noodle soup) and for a while I’ve been wanting to make this kimchi recipe from my new roots.   how pretty is the display of the food. really love the simple concept and we almost live next door to the one on söder…pretty lucky i’ll say. the ginger beer was spicy and bubbly and i liked it!

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happily ever after starts here…

wedding-01 wedding-02 wedding-03 wedding-04 wedding-05 wedding-16 wedding-17 wedding-06 wedding-07 wedding-08 wedding-10 wedding-11 wedding-12 wedding-13 wedding-14 wedding-15went to our friends wedding at this magical place called tyrolen. the day was sun filled, happy and oh so lovely.  what a beautiful way to tie the knot. tyrolen is an old folkpark build in the 60’s (clear evidence of that) but already in the 70’s the place had to close it’s doors. fast forward to 2006 where a couple of guys and a girl bought the place renovated it in the spirit of back in the days and opened this place up again for people to enjoy. want to come back next year for muskelrock or the tyrolens rythm’n’blues fest. the guy on the bike is one of the owners. a time warp in the best of ways!

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loppis and food | hornstull

hornstull-loppis-01 hornstull-loppis-03 hornstull-loppis-04 hornstull-loppis-02 hornstull-loppis-05 hornstull-loppis-06 hornstull-loppis-07 hornstull-loppis-08went to the loppis/food-truck thing at hornstull today. the weather was great the ambience fantastic. met tabatha & mr.sheng at their food stand cooking up some serious southern food and crazy good fudge with liquorice+sea-salt, bacon+burbon or chipotle+lime….pretty sassy. the map at their stand is a trip they gonna do, cooking up a storm a long the way and creating this video-cookbook. sounds like a lot of fun to me and i can’t wait to check it out. you can read more about them here. had the jambalaya with sausage and the best cornbread ever. really good food! the ducks were our lunch companions. cute little french food-truck with a french speaking guy inside..pretty authentic


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nettles-01 nettles-02 nettles-03 nettles-04grow – gather  – cook – for me gathering food in the wild is one of my favourite things to do. remember when i went on berry hunt here . so nettle season is upon us and what else to do than go hunting and then straight to the kitchen. first up was a nettle pesto. found a recipe at edible portland  and the day after i did a nettle soup from martha stewart you can find here. the only thing i did was switch the potatoes for sweet potatoes when making the soup. so so good and satisfying with the whole gather and cook business. dreaming of having my own little vegetable garden.

Here is a little nettle tip or two from river cottage:

road-trip | växjö stop

road-trip-01 road-trip-02 road-trip-03 road-trip-04went to a wedding in alvesta and decided to make it into a little road-trip and see some more of this beautiful country. arrived at växjö early and brought breakfast with us. had our rugbrød from öland some cheese and avocado and a view. early morning quiet at växjösjön and so sunny and warm. after breakfast we went swimming. what a morning. the sculpture is by the art group: inges idee and called spiegel ball / mirror ball. they have made a lot of fun stuff. really like their 3D² basketball court in munich….check it out here

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