merry christmas

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back home in denmark celebrating christmas with family. relaxing a whole bunch, and eating good food. really appreciating this holiday and these days off….much needed, spending as much time with the bear and enjoying lots of coffee breaks.

merry christmas to ya’ll

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flashback friday | road-trip to greenport

greenport-typo greenport-01 greenport-02 greenport-03 greentport-05when living in nyc family came to visit and we had some great road-trips. one of them went to greenport. greenport is this tiny town bustling in the summer time. it’s located on the north fork of long island. had lunch at this super cute fish restaurant away from the main street. it was located at a pier where they sat up tables…can’t remember the name but it was good and wow what a view. went for a swim on the tip of greenport by the orient point county park and we were the only ones there…loved that!

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recipe | vegan chocolate fudge


went vegan for 2 years, and now doing vegetarian with the occasional serve of meat (only when out). but still doing a lot of my vegan dishes and sweets especially. these vegan chocolate fudge are so good and will make great christmas presents with ginger snaps and some jams…thats the plan right now though these days before christmas are running a bit fast.


vegan chocolate fudge

Prep Time

5 min


3/4 cup coconut oil

2-3 tbsp agave

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1/2 cup all natural chunky peanut butter

1 tbsp vanilla extract

sea salt


1. Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan over medium-high heat until completely melted.

2. Remove from heat and whisk in agave, cocoa, peanut butter and vanilla.

3. Pour into a parchment lined bread pan (or pie dish), sprinkle with sea salt and let chill for 1-2 hours until completely set.

discovering our city | petrus

petrus-01 petrus-02 petrus-03 petrus-05love this bakery petrus at söder, it’s really close to where we live which is a little dangerous because it’s that good. here you can buy their baked goods to bring home or sit and eat their delicious bread and cakes and get a cup of coffee too. look at this little cozy nook they made with the milkcan and sheepskin where you can sit and enjoy their goodies.

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late summer in ericeira

ericeira-typo ericeira-01 ericeira-04 ericeira-05 ericeira-06 ericeira-07 ericeira-08 ericeira-09 ericeira-10 ericeira-11 ericeira-12 ericeira-13 ericeira-14 ericeira-16 ericeira-17 ericeira-18 ericeira-19 ericeira-20spent late summer in ericeira portugal with friends and we had an amazing time. good food, sangria nights, great waves and lots of relaxing and catching up. we lived in ericeira a couple a years ago and it was great to be back. it’s so close to lissabon so spend a day here going to the flea market, eating more good food and delicious portuguese cakes. it’s such a beautiful city. top picture is from peniché.

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discovering our city | rosendals trädgård

rosendal-garden-01 rosedahl-garden-07 rosedahl-garden-02 rosedahl-garden-08 rosedahl-garden-03 rosedahl-garden-04 rosedahl-garden-05 rosedahl-garden-06rosendals trädgård is this open garden where they grow bio veggies and fruit. during summer they have a farmers market (we bought cavolo nero…haven’t been able to find it anywhere). when we were there they made pizzas in their wood oven and they looked fantastic. they have made a cafe and a bakery inside the greenhouses, but we brought own fika and enjoyed that under the apple trees. i want to go there when it’s christmas time (which is soon?!) and drink a glass of glögg and eat swedish pepparkakor.

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summer | part two

summer-part-II-typosummer-part-II-01 summer-part-II-02 summer-part-II-03 summer-part-II-04 summer-part-II-05 summer-part-II-06 summer-part-II-07 summer-part-II-08 summer-part-II-09 summer-part-II-10 summer-part-II-11 summer-part-II-13this is so far my favourite place in sweden. torö stenstrand. this is also the place where the bear goes surfing late fall/winter (now)…dedicated surfer! here we spend some of the summer with family, camping by the beach, cooking out door, late night talks, relaxing and quietness all in one. it’s good for my soul to visit stenstrand. we camped outside and during the night i was sure i saw a moose. probably a dream but then the next day we saw a mama moose and her twin baby calves. on the picture you can only see a tiny bit of the second baby. my first time actually seeing a moose and then with calves. it was an amazing summer let me tell you.

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